About the Firm of Paul Bent  |  Arbitration

Who we are and what to expect.

Paul Bent, Arbitrator Paul Bent | Arbitration is an independent firm which provides professional alternative dispute resolution services to businesses and enterprises of every size and description.  Our focus is on commercial arbitration of disputes involving financing, leasing, loans, real estate, secured lending, and just about every other form of business or corporate activity.

We strive to provide the most efficient, effective, and fair hearing and deciding of business and financial disputes possible, and to treat all parties respectfully and fairly in the process.  Our principal, Paul Bent, has decades of experience in developing, arranging, managing, documenting, and carrying out business and financial transactions, agreements, and enterprises of all types and sizes.  Our firm offers the benefits of his extensive experience in conducting arbitrations in which the paramount considerations are understanding your business and your issues, quickly comprehending all the evidence and testimony of witnesses, interpreting the law applicable to your case, and rendering a timely and thorough award.

When you and the other parties to your business dispute engage our firm to conduct an arbitration, whether it is court ordered, required by contract, or simply chosen by the parties as being the best means available, you can expect to be treated fairly, honestly, and expeditiously, with the resulting award being based solely on the facts, evidence, and law presented in the case.

We would have it no other way.

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