About Paul Bent, the Arbitrator

An experienced and capable commercial arbitration specialist.

image In serving as a commercial arbitrator, whether individually or as a member of a tribunal, Paul Bent brings decades of experience in developing, crafting, managing, negotiating, and advising companies in corporate finance and business transactions.  Over nearly four decades as an investment banker, corporate attorney, and arbitrator he has personally participated in many hundreds of business dealings, including those involving:
  •   Real estate leases, loans, and financings
  •   Equipment leases, loans, and financings
  •   Real estate and project development agreements and financings
  •   Investments, insurance, and financial participations
  •   Interests in partnerships, corporations, and limitied liability companies
  •   Computers, IT, and technology business and financing
  •   Manufacturing, distribution, and transportation business and financing
  •   Intellectual property licenses, agreements, and royalty arrangements
  •   Many other forms of business relationships, transactions, and dealings
  • His experience in arbitrating claims and disputes in these areas includes everything from straightforward breach of contract actions to business and partnership dissolutions to complex matters involving multiple parties across a wide range of interconnected issues.

    For Paul Bent's complete professional résumé (in printable form), including his background and credentials in business and arbitration and a list of his published articles and papers, please CLICK HERE.