The Cases We Handle

How we can administer and conduct your arbitration.

image As explained in the "About Arbitration" section of this website, commercial arbitration most often takes place because it is required under the terms of a written agreement between or among the parties.  If the arbitration clause in your contract requires disputes to be arbitrated but does not designate a specific service provider organization to handle the administration of the case, then the parties to the agreement (together with their lawyers, of course) may mutually agree to have the arbitration administered and managed in just about any way they choose.  They may also have their case heard and decided by any arbitrator they believe to be completely neutral and qualified for the job.

If the arbitration clause in your contract requires that disputes be heard under the auspices of a specific service provider organization, such as the American Arbitration Association (AAA) or JAMS, then that provider will guide you through the process of making a claim (or defending a claim that has been made against you by another party), selecting an arbitrator, and conducting the arbitration process itself.

In either situation, you may be able to select Paul Bent as your arbitrator using the procedures described in the applicable rules.  (See the "About Arbitration" section of this website to learn more about how the rules of your arbitration may apply.)  Our office will be able to assist you and the other parties in understanding the applicable rules, becoming familiar with the arbitration process, and, if appropriate, engaging the services of Mr. Bent as your experienced, neutral, and independent arbitrator.  He serves on the panel of neutrals for AAA and has for many years arbitrated commercial matters under AAA rules; and most other service provider organizations will also allow you (by mutual agreement among all parties and their legal counsel) to designate your own choice of an arbitrator to hear your case.

We will be pleased to consult with you regarding the administration of your case and to provide further detailed information about how you may engage the services of Paul Bent as your abitrator.  Simply contact our office using the information on the CONTACT page of this website.

We will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding how your case should be administered and how your arbitrator should be selected.