The Process of Commercial Arbitration

Fair, effective, and efficient resolution of business and financial disputes.

image The process of commercial arbitration can be thought of as very similar to a private trial — with a private judge (the arbitrator), no jury, and completely confidential proceedings — but with several very important differences.  First, the parties themselves may decide what rules will be used, how evidence will be presented and admitted, how the pre-hearing discovery process (if any) will be handled, and where and when the arbitration hearing will take place.

The parties may also mutually select the actual arbitrator who will preside over the proceeding.  This is particularly important in commerical finance and business cases, when the parties must rely upon the real world experience and subject matter expertise of the arbitrator to hear and understand evidence, to read and comprehend contracts and other technical documents, and to take and understand the testimony of sworn witnesses.

In short, submitting your business or financial dispute to be heard by a dedicated, specialized, commercial arbitrator offers many advantages over going to court.
  •   It is completely private and confidential
  •   The parties may select any qualified person as their abitrator (or panel of arbitrators)
  •   The process is streamlined and completely under the parties' control
  •   It may take place in any location that is convenient for the parties
  •   It may be completed much more quickly than a trial, saving time and money
  • If you are not already familiar with the fundamentals of commercial arbitration, you are invited to CLICK HERE to learn more about how the process comes about, how it generally works, and what to expect from it.

    More Information About Arbitration

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