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— Arbitration of Business and Financial Disputes —
Backed by Real World Experience

•   Independent Commercial Arbitrator

•   Complex and Multi-Party Business and Finance

•   Hands-On Experience in Law, Finance, Business

•   Fair, Impartial, and Knowledgeable

The Importance of Business Experience

Why it matters to select an arbitrator who knows what you're talking about.

image Many commercial arbitrators do an excellent job at the process of arbitration — they understand procedure, the handling of evidence, the writing of orders.  And many of them have impressive credentials, perhaps even as judges or magistrates.

But it takes much more than process to make a commercial arbitration efficient, effective, and fair.

When it's time for your arbitrator to listen and really understand your case, and your documents, and your witnesses, are you confident that your matter will truly be "heard" and decided in accordance with the facts and details you have presented?  Especially in a complicated business or financing dispute, are you sure your arbitrator can immediately grasp the details, the terminology, the dealings, and the underlying issues you need to get across?

When someone must understand and decide your case, there can be no substitute for decades of experience in personally negotiating issues, carrying out complex business transactions, running numbers, drafting documents — in short, doing real deals in the real world.  You need an arbitrator who can grasp a detailed spreadsheet, comprehend dense documents, follow the testimony of expert witnesses, and immediately understand what your case and your claims and defenses are all about.

You need Paul Bent to serve as the arbitrator in your case.  With more than 40 years of experience in structuring, negotiating, and managing real business and financing transactions of virtually every type and size, he will not need coaching or tutoring to hear and understand and decide your case fully, fairly, and effectively.

We welcome you to our website, and encourage you to read on and learn more about how Paul Bent's decades of real world experience may bring real value to your arbitration.

A Word About Arbitration

Why arbitration should be efficient, effective, and fair.

image Commercial arbitration is similar to a private trial — an opportunity for both sides in a business dispute to present their respective cases in full before a neutral, professional, and impartial "judge" (the arbitrator), who will make an award based on the evidence presented and the applicable law.  But very unlike court trials, arbitration is designed to be efficient and cost effective, to avoid the protracted motions, delays, paperwork, and gamesmanship that many parties find when they enter into (or are drawn into) litigation.

The whole purpose of commercial arbitration is to provide business people with a place where their disputes may be heard fully and decided fairly, in private, without fanfare or unnecessary delay, jargon, formality, or expense.  Arbitration is intended to provide the parties with many benefits over litigation, including shorter time, lower cost, less formality, and complete privacy.  But to achieve this purpose, arbitration must be seen by all parties as being just as fair and impartial as going to court — only without the hassle.  The parties must believe that the process is straightforward, that the arbitrator is open minded, conscientious, and knowledgeable in the subject matter at hand, that everyone will have a chance to be fully heard, and that the arbitrator's rulings and awards will be rendered quickly and impartially.

We believe just as strongly in these objectives as you do.  We know from experience that even the most contentious and complex cases may be handled to the satisfaction of all parties when the arbitration is efficient, effective, and fair.  And we strive to keep it that way.

This website is designed to provide all the information you need to be confident that Paul Bent will meet your highest expectations for the arbitration of your business or financial dispute.  And we look forward to serving you.