How We Can Help With Your Arbitration

How do we start, and what do we do?

image Business disputes may arise in a number of different ways — breach of an agreement, differences in interpretation of a document or contract, an unforeseen shift in outside circumstances, conflicting business objectives, a change in business ownership or control, new financial realities that cause operational difficulties.  No matter how your business or financial dispute has come about, our office can very likely help manage it through the arbitration process — and Paul Bent may be the most experienced and best qualified person to serve as your neutral arbitrator.

Based upon our decades of experience in corporate financing, business transactions, leases and loans, and business arbitration, our office can provide you and the other parties to your dispute with informed and impartial counseling regarding your specific situation, how your arbitration should be handled, and how the arbitration process can work for you.

If you are not already familiar with arbitration, we can help you with —
  •   How to file an arbitration claim (or defense) in a case involving your business
  •   What provider organization (if any) may be required to administer your arbitration
  •   What adminsitrative rules may apply in your arbitration
  •   The basics of how your arbitration will be carried out
  •   What to expect (and what not to expect) from the arbitration process
  • And whether or not you are already familiar with the dispute arbitration process itself, we can explain how the services of Paul Bent as your independent arbitrator may be the most fair, effective, and efficient means for the hearing and deciding of practically any dispute involving business, corporate, financial, contractual, or technical issues in business or commerce.

    Whether an existing contract requires you to arbitrate your dispute or you simply believe that arbitration is a more reasonable and effective method than going to court, our office will guide you through the process of initiating, administering, and carrying out the professional arbitration of your dispute and reaching a fair and expeditious conclusion.

    Simply click to the CONTACT page of this website, give us a call, or send us an email and we will take it from there.